5 Ideas for Decorating Spring Table

June 2, 2016

The inspirations for decorating home with originality thanks to low cost small inventions inspired by the summer.

house colors on dining room

Spring covers the city of shoots into flowers: there is a desire of vitality and freshness in our hearts and among the walls of the house. You have old chairs you want to get rid of? Do not do it! Just a colored paint to give joy and transform an object from the old-fashioned design in a sophisticated and original piece. If you love the decorations DIY uses a branch to hang in the living room as a trophy. Then, alloy many glass jars with silk or satin ribbons: they will be the perfect container for pansies and primroses to give to each guest.

candles dinner with flower on the pot view

A special dinner with family and friends? Light the candles, to light in the evening and make it special atmosphere of the house. Use of simple pots terracotta gardening: add a fresh moss, leaves or berries. Finally, place a candle. For a touch of poetry not to forget a bouquet of fresh flowers. Perfect for this time of roses (in pots!), Tulips and fragrant herbs.

dining table in garden placeholder ideas

What could be more romantic than a small vase of spring flowers on your table? Copy the idea: instead of the usual visual equipment tablecloths with runner in linen, for a fresh and original table.

Have you noticed the small succulents front of the plate? They can turn into a nice placeholder where to add the name of the guest, written on a colored card or directly from the jar. At the end of the meal everyone can take home his little gift for good luck symbol. Alternatively, you can use a shell or a rock where paint the name of each person with letters and drawings.

runner linen

The great service of the grandmother or the old one, even if a bit ‘chipped, found in a flea market. We learn to appreciate the history that each object hides: a detail that makes it unique and tells the soul. Add a bunch of gerberas plant, daisies and rosemary to leave directly on the table, tied with raffia: delights guests due to the intense scent of aromatic herbs, a bouquet of sensations.

Modular Furniture Space Saver

June 1, 2016

Create compositions to measure, separate environments, tools areas of passage. Yes, the modular furniture is the design wildcard.

To divide the space

If you have a large living room, or enter directly into the living room, the modular furniture is strategic. With a library consisting of several juxtaposed elements can create a parallel wall at the entrance, so as to shield the door but not too close the view. In this case must be formed by the shelves are accessible from both sides, ie without the inner panel. Even the sofas can help divide space: designing a composition as you like and fix it up in the middle of the living room to create different conversation areas and relaxation, combining more or less deep seated without backs and arms to exploit them from all sides.

sofa for large living room

To organize a wall

On the wall of a corridor where several rooms overlook a composition made with modular shelves is practical and beautiful to see, but above all it gives uniformity to a passageway often overlooked. Not only. A series of shelves of different lengths, possibly equipped with internal shelves, allows to exploit this space to keep on hand books, documents, objects. The other advantage of a modular design: if the corridor is near the entrance, you can also add some elements with doors and create a shoe rack or a cupboard for coats.

organize a wall

To invent new rooms

The house is small? Then it takes the furnishings that, according to the needs of the moment, can be moved creating different spaces. For example, if you love to host friends, you will need these armchairs and sofas which, combined, are transformed into a sofa bed. The same goes for service tables: those modular if approached constitute a large table top, when used individually become bedside. In the case of larger furniture such as bookcases, remember to choose them with elements mounted on wheels, easy and convenient to move when needed.

wooden furniture for wall

To adapt over time

The modular furniture have another great quality: over the years can modify, reduce or expand depending on the need. Just add some more elements. Thus, a sofa with two perfect places for your mini house, if you move into a larger apartment can become a corner sofa, in three or four places. Or a library in vertical modules is divided and is used in two different rooms.

5 Ideas for Decorating A Small Kitchen

May 10, 2016

You have a small kitchen but do not want to give up furnish it with taste and, above all, with all the comforts? The design comes to help with ideas and solutions to be imitated to have everything you need, in style and in a mini space.

small kitchen with mini islands

Do you want a beautiful and functional kitchen, but space is too short? No problem. Check out many ideas to make it unique and special.

If you have an open space of medium-sized and one small wall to devote to your kitchen, maybe even broken a window, a practical idea – and beautiful – can position ourselves in front of an island of mini size, to serve as a practical supporting surface and a useful storage space for pots and utensils.

small space for kitchen

If in the living area open space there are small areas that are difficult to decorate, the solution may be to dedicate them to the kitchen. On two or three sides, just a recess of 5 square meters, a functional kitchen and beautiful. Choose, if possible, custom furniture to ceiling and you will not need anything else!

small kitchen design ideas

If in the living area open space there are small areas that are difficult to decorate, the solution may be to dedicate them to the kitchen. On two or three sides, just a recess of 5 square meters, a functional kitchen and beautiful. Choose, if possible, custom furniture to ceiling and you will not need anything else!

comfortable relaxation sessions in small kitchen

You know that the kitchen can also occupy the space of a small closet? You just need a deep niche about 60 cm wide at least a meter and a linear way to organize it with everything you need: sink, kitchen and shelves or wall units, plus a small fridge on the ground. The more ideas? Cover the sink with a custom wooden cutting board, so when not in use, you can use it as a convenient support surface.

passing linear for small kitchen suitable for cabinetry

If you have a hall pass along more than three meters wide and at least one meter seventy centimeters, you can dedicate to your kitchen. That will be linear, leaning against one of the walls, smooth and linear. If you choose this solution, remember to pay special attention to lighting and artificial aeration, to be optimal in an environment without facing outward.

If the kitchen space is limited it is better not to occupy the full height to avoid the cage effect. Choose, if possible, the low furniture to intersperse columns and wall units, perhaps to be equipped as a comfortable relaxation sessions.

5 Ways (Super Chic) To Furnish With Pallets

May 2, 2016

Have you ever thought of decorating your home with pallets? They are called so the wooden pallets used in the transport of goods by road. They are part of the packaging and therefore available – and in large quantities – at very low prices or even free.

Ecological, economic and really versatile. Are the pallets, furnishing precious allies do it yourself at home. Learn with us how to use them.

Their beautiful? They’re really versatile and lend themselves to be used to make furniture also very different between them. We just have a past of sandpaper and a beautiful painted and then here is your pallet ready to be transformed into the headboard of a bed, in a convenient table for the living room or even as a base comfortable sofas.

Do not you believe it? Browse our gallery and get ready to change your mind.

For the coffee table

The transformation perhaps simplest is that of pallet coffee table for the living room. You paste clean, give it a coat of paint and enrich it by hand even with the wheels and, if you like, a glass top, and you’re done.

living room coffee table

For the bed

An original use of the pallet is to make the headboard. You just attach them to the wall and then, perhaps, customize them with shelves, small squares and your heart objects.

pallet to make the headboard bed

For the work table

The pallets, for their structure with wooden planks spaced, lend themselves to be used as a functional message boards to the wall. Just hang intact anything you want with pins or hooks and you’re done.

pallet for wall of table work

For living room
Are you a fan of shabby chic style? The pallet – strictly painted white – is then the subject of furniture perfect for you.

white shabby chic furniture

Garden wall planter

Have you ever thought of using pallets as vertical planters? Both interior and the exterior of which an economical, environmentally friendly and cost virtually zero. Seeing is believing.

pallet for planters

Bunk Beds: Space and Fun All In One

April 5, 2016

The structure of the bunk bed, especially if placed in a niche or customized, is perfect to create a private space, repaired, who becomes the ideal not only for rest, but also to free the imagination. To amplify this effect you can choose sides closed and, why not, a wallpaper full of fantasy and desire for adventure for the background.

bunk bed for your child of perfect for dreaming

The bed castle is, as we said, perfect to bring in the maximum space or better to create where there is none. And now with a really essential structure there are two beds where there would be one, or you can make a profit play space or study without really sacrificing anything.

The bed castle suitable for sleep and play room

The bunk bed has a clever design solution not only in the rooms of children. It may in fact prove to be the ideal choice to have two comfortable extra beds without cluttering too much spare room. The lower compartment, if not used, can also become a comfortable sofa.

bunkbed design ideas with beautiful color

The bunk bed is very useful, if not essential, for many families, because you can find all a comfortable place to sleep without affecting the space for recreation and play.

bunk bed for large families

Ideally, if space allows, it devotes an entire wall to 100% using it read both in height and in width, leaving the other activities the remaining area of the room.

How To Select Roofing House

November 13, 2015
how to choose roofing house

how to choose roofing house

The roof plays a very important role for your home. It functions not only as a patron of the heat and the rain, but it also can improve the look of the exterior. With the right selection of color and design, your home can look and feel more interesting.

American roofing

American roofing

Here are some tips that roofing professionals like Quality Exterior Services would give, on how to choose the best roof for your house:

  1. Select roofing materials or tiles that suit the design of the exterior of the house so everything appears harmonious.
  2. Each style must be combined with the already existing tiles that cover the top of the house.
  3. If your home has a traditional or colonial-style design, you should select ceramic or concrete tiles.
  4. If you have a more modern style to your house, then you have more options to choose from and can pick materials based on your own personal taste.
  5. If you have a minimalist style for the home, black and dark grey tiles are generally the colors you’ll want to check out. Textured tiles are also a great option to take into account.
  6. You’ll also want to take into account the climatic conditions of the area in which you live. Different roofing tiles and materials are better suited for certain climates. If you live in an area with a lot of direct sunlight, solar panels might be something to look into.
  7. The most important factor to consider though is the color. The color is very instrumental in creating the impression of a more beautiful looking home. The color of the roof should be cohesive with the facade of the house and not look like it’s out of place.