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Choosing the Right Sliding Glass Door Blinds

There are loads of types of sliding glass door we are here to help you choose which one the best for you!

Sliding glass door blinds is one of the most important items when it comes to decorating houses. It can improve both aesthetic and function of our home. Besides, it also creates a fresh-looking environment in our house, making the air flows effortlessly, and flooding the room with natural light. There are many choices when it comes to choosing a sliding glass door. Meanwhile, choosing the wrong sliding glass door can be a cost-consuming mistake. So, to help you choose the right sliding glass door, here are some aspects to consider before buying sliding glass doors.

sliding glass door curtains Choosing the Right Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Why Choose Sliding Glass Door Blinds?

The first thing to consider is style. Choosing a sliding glass door blinds style always comes down to a matter of aesthetics, and also functionality. In the market, we can categorize the style of sliding glass door into three main styles, they are sliding glass door, swinging glass door, and folding glass door. Sliding glass door is the most popular among those three. It consists of two or more individual panels, at least one of which slides back and forth on rollers. Swinging glass door is a full view glass panel, and it is often hanged in pairs.

Folding glass door is usually applied in garage. It can open a wide area. This style is also known as accordion style. It is available in many configurations, from two up to eight leaves. The second thing to consider before buying the right sliding glass door blinds is security. This is the most important factor before all. Of course you do not want to ‘sacrifice’ your safety and just considering about aesthetics aspects, right? Whether it is from human force or from the nature, it is important to have a sliding glass door that can take a beating, hitting, and keep out the unwanted guests.

The next thing is material. Design option seems almost endless, when it comes to construction, you will deal with wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, etc. Choose the perfect material; it depends on what factors are most important to you. If you like your sliding glass door nature-look, you will probably choose wood. Wood comes from many varieties of trees, such as mahogany, or alder. They vary in the characteristics. If you want your sliding glass door blinds look like a wood but you want to save your money, fiberglass is the right material for you. Fiberglass creates a look and a feel of a genuine wood, and it even stronger than a real wood, in a hot condition or cold, in a wet season or dry.

If you do not really mind of aesthetics aspect, aluminum or steel material will be perfect for you. Aluminum is a lightweight and a strong material that can stand well in most climates. This material is corrosion-resistant and very cost effective, while a steel material offers a strong and durability, which is very economical because this kind of material does not require a maximal maintenance that will save your money more.  You already acknowledge the benefits if you choose sliding glass door blinds to put in your home, so what are you waiting for?

sliding glass door vertical blinds Choosing the Right Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Driftwood Wall Art

Driftwood wall art is some kind of debris that you can found on the sea and drifted to the shore.

Driftwood wall art commonly used by marine inhabitant as shelter or and birds use it as material for their house. You may take driftwood is based on the birds idea and in addition you need to view it from economical and aesthetical aspect. Some people transform this trash into decoration design that can be placed on your wall. You may choose either the simple choice of wall decoration or some other idea that would require more effort and therefore would demand artistic capability.

driftwood art 1 Driftwood Wall Art

Examples for Unique Driftwood Wall Art for Your House

This is an idea that you can’t commonly found at houses. You may call this design as wall planter or maybe wall garden that made of driftwood. The first thing you need for the design is suitable place and suitable plant. You need to make your driftwood wall art idea matches you wall and house condition and thus therefore you would find suitable place to put some driftwood design that used invasive plants or you may choose to use dormant plant which will help you maintain its appearance easily. The design planning for this planter should be completed even before you find material for it.

As for appearance you are forced to make good design based on what you found. Mostly it would take time for someone to collect small driftwood to the amount that sufficient to make certain size of planter or you can make it small since you need to make what you already have enough for the idea. Small driftwood would be created into driftwood wall art planter by making or covering wooden box with it. To secure wall and floor while watering you may use plastic inside the box. Attach the wood with waterproof glue or you may use suitable nails or hooks.

Another planter idea can be made with long driftwood. Suitable nails hooks and plants should be ready before you start the project. Choose the type of plants that doesn’t require soil and lots of water. It is commonly known as air plant and some choice can produce nice aesthetic as wall decoration. Driftwood wall art always involve steps of wood cleaning. All you need to worry about is bugs. Bacteria are the least of your concern. Aiming to eradicate bugs would force you to clean the wood thoroughly thus sand and other things that attached to it can be removed.

Hooks can be utilized to hook the decoration to your wall. Nailing it to your wall would be good idea but you need to spray the plant frequently. Otherwise you can remove it from your wall and soak the plant on water every two days. Similar idea and preparation can be used to make candle holder on your wall. More effort would be require since you would need to drill and make hole on for candles. Measure the candle and make suitable hole for it. Such driftwood wall art design is better since it can fit any kind of room decoration.

diy driftwood wall art Driftwood Wall Art

Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

Bar stools has become more well-known these days. Find out the fascinating information of kitchen counter bar stools at houses.

The trend of kitchen counter bar stools at houses began in 2010. Bar tools are usually found in bars or pubs because they have height and narrowness which is suitable for bars’ high tables. However, as the time goes by and the trends began, bar stools can also be found at house and it has varied styles. Houses starts to use bar stools since it allows people to eat drink or socialize with a higher view.

kitchen barstools Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

Types of Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

Kitchen counter bar stools have many different types, construction materials and models. The most common type of bar stools are made of wood or metal and have no backrests; nevertheless, you may find bar stools with no armrest or foot rest to support the feet. If the bar stools in pubs cannot be moved in order to avoid being used a weapon in pub fight, the one which is for kitchen are able to be moved. The size of the kitchen stools are various, there are extra tall, extra small and even adjustable height.

modern kitchen barstools Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

As for the height of kitchen counter bar stools are usually 66cm and being used against the kitchen counter. There are a few additions for bar stools at houses which is different with the one from the pub, such as padding for comfort. Padding for comfort is very suitable to be applied in houses because it will bring comforts to your children. Your children will not feel tired or be in pain when sitting on bar stools because there is a soft padding of comfort.

Decorate Kitchen with Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

Kitchen counter bar stools have many styles which can bring different atmosphere to your kitchen. They also create a visual effect in modern interiors. In case you want to create and decorate your kitchen with retro style, you can add bar stools with metal material and put wooden color padding of comfort so that the bar stools seem vintage and old. Other choices to have retro kitchen with bar stools, you can place all black and white bar stools to your kitchen. Kitchen counter can also be used outdoor. If you have kitchen outside your house, such as the place where you have your Barbecue party, do not hesitate to decorate your kitchen with bar stools outside.

Aluminum is often used outdoors. When decorating bar stools at your kitchen, you should concern a few things. Such as determine your seating height and also the table which the bar stools are facing. You do not want your chair to be higher than the table as it will create and uncomfortable space; therefore, you really have to make sure this concern. To conclude, as the trends began, bar stool can be used not only at bars or pubs but also in the kitchen of your house. The kitchen counter bar stools also come from various shapes, styles, and color; therefore, you can decorate it however you like with your kitchen and create a new atmosphere in the house by adding unique bar stools.

Tips to Choose a Hanging Chair for Bedrooms

One of eye catching stuffs in the bedroom is a hanging chair for bedroom which is used for relaxing. This stuff will make the bedroom looks more artistic.

Do you want to have an artistic bedroom with an eye-catching yet functional stuff there? You definitely want it, right? As we all know that bedroom decoration is widely evolved in many ways and also the designs. Hanging chair for bedroom is also necessary in order to make a bedroom looks fresh and different from the others. You can find so many designs which will be unique and attractive for making the bedrooms to be suitable.

indoor hanging chair Tips to Choose a Hanging Chair for Bedrooms

Unique Style of Hanging Chair for Bedroom

Besides as one of an eye-catching stuff, a hanging chair for bedroom also has some function. Some of them are the place to read a book, the place to have a cozy chit chat with friends, the place to relax, etc. Usually, this hanging chair is placed in the corner of the bedroom. This hanging chair will be a favorite spot in the bedroom if you are successfully choose the right hanging chair for your bedroom. You can buy a hanging chair for your bedroom at furniture store. Usually, it has many types with different color and material, so you can choose the one that fits with your need and your favorite style. If you don’t want to buy it, you can make it with your creation. It’s simple yet difficult to do to make a good hanging chair for your bedroom.

If you have decided to make a hanging chair for bedroom by yourself, you can’t make an unusual type of hanging chair because of limited material. You can make a hanging chair in a simple way by hook a fabric until it forms a swing. You can use thick cotton in order to make it more strength when it used. Don’t forget to make a strength hook in the ceiling of your bedroom as the hook of the hanging chair. Add some pillows there as the hanging chair’s cushion. It will make your hanging chair looks beautiful. Let’s try to DIY (Do It Yourself) your hanging chair for your bedroom by using a friendly budget material.

But, if you don’t want to make the hanging chair by yourself, you can buy it in any housewares store. You can choose a hanging chair made from rattan material in white toned color. Now, a rattan hanging chair for bedroom is so happening right now. So, you can choose it as yours. You can also add some pillows or a sheepskin on the hanging chair in order to make you more comfortable every time you are using it. Make sure that your hanging chair has a strength hook on your bedroom ceiling because it will keep you from any accident. It definitely will be the comfortable zone in your bedroom.

You can decor your hanging chair every time you want. For example, if you want to change the hanging chair’s color, you can repaint it with wood paint if yours is made from rattan. If your hanging chair for bedroom is made by a fabric, you can change it with another patter fabric in order to make it looks new. So, don’t border your creation if you want to make DIY hanging chair in your bedroom.

indoor hanging chair with stand Tips to Choose a Hanging Chair for Bedrooms

Chandeliers for Bedroom

A chandelier is a usual thing that be placed in the bedroom. Because of its function, chandeliers for bedroom come in many types and variant shapes.

Every bedroom definitely has a chandelier. In order to lighten up the room, a chandelier also a part of bedroom decoration. A chandelier is one of bedroom things that be placed there to beautify a bedroom. To choose right chandeliers for bedroom, you can read some tips before you decide to buy it because chandeliers consist of many types and variant shapes. You can choose it as long as it fits with your bedroom design and your favorites.

white chandeliers for bedrooms Chandeliers for Bedroom

Chandelier for Bedroom with Elegant Design

Usually, a chandelier has a luxury looks. It consists of crystal lamp and it definitely expensive. But, you can choose or even make it by yourself fit with your need. If your bedroom design is using a western style or glamour and luxury looks, you have to put luxurious chandeliers for bedroom consisted of crystal lamps. Besides crystal lamps, the luxurious chandeliers also have a pearl ornament, so it is really looks luxurious and expensive if you put it in your bedroom.

One of tips for you those who want to buy a set of chandeliers for bedroom is choose a right chandelier fits with your bedroom design and also your budget.  A crystal chandelier really fits with your classic bedroom design. That chandelier will add a romantic impression if you put it in your bedroom. Moreover, if you choose a classic bed with a curtain, a crystal chandelier really fits with the classic bed. Choose a white-toned bed, likewise with the pillows and mix them with a flowery bedcover. A chandelier, white-toned curtain bed and pillows, flowery bed cover, and floor will definitely awesome for your bedroom.

But, if you want other chandeliers for bedroom, you can make it in order to look different with the others. You can make a butterfly chandelier for your teen bedroom. You just have to use a paper crap or origami paper, an old hula hoop, and a rope. First, you have to make a butterfly form from the origami paper or paper crap. To make those butterflies, you can watch the step on YouTube or just read how to form a butterfly with an origami book. Make those butterflies until you feel it is enough. Then, arrange those butterflies with a rope form a butterfly string. Hook them in the hula hoop and hanging it on the ceiling of the room. This sweet and cute butterfly chandelier is an alternative for you those who want to have a different chandelier.

To place a chandelier in your bedroom, you also have to consider about its size. I guess you to choose a set of medium chandelier in order to fit with the room. Don’t use a big one because big chandeliers suitable for your living room, not for the bedroom. So, besides the price of medium chandeliers is cheaper than the big one, a medium chandelier also more suitable for your bedroom should be considered. Then, a set of medium chandeliers for bedroom with a few pendants has more luxurious look than the big one. But, let’s your heart decide which type of chandelier do you want to choose and fit with your need, your favorite, and even your budget.

chandeliers for bedroom Chandeliers for Bedroom

How to Find the Best Light Fixtures for Dining Room

Having unique dining room is important. You can choose the best light fixtures for dining room to add uniqueness.

Finding the perfect light fixtures can be a hard work for you. Why? This is because there are several things you have to concern about. It is such as the measurement, the quality and many more. Especially when you are looking for light fixtures for dining room, you must get the measurement right. Since it is about balance between the furniture and the room itself, to find a perfect harmony in order to pull the look together should be done carefully.

Choosing and Preparing Light Fixtures for Dining Room

Light fixtures for dining room come with several of style, different shapes, and different size as well. You have to have keen eyes to find the one for your dining room. Not too different from buying other home furniture, the first thing you must remember is to measure the room, because size does matter! Which in this case, in order to balance the light fixtures for your dining room with the room itself, measure the room and then of course, the table. If your room is larger and you want the light to illuminate the whole room and the table, you may want to go with large size square pendants light. Because this type comes with a quite large pendant shape to illuminate the table.

On the contrary, a classic French inspired light fixture for dining room may suitable for a smaller room. Next, before you look it up online, you may want to rethink about the current decoration in your dining room. It is better to find light fixtures that go along with the style. Finish with the measurement and move on to shop the items. With connecting internet, browse light fixtures in dining room has come in handy. Online stores provide you various ideas of what kind of style the light fixtures you need. There are chandeliers, antique French inspired lights, the mini or large size pendants. Always remember to check the rating, quality and reliability of the website and the item.

After that, you must try to guess or look it up on the description of the item, whether you will need a professional assistance to install the light. This is because many fixtures demands to be handled by the expert to avoid damage when installing. While some other lights may come with a handy instruction.  That is why it is important to know about this. Now, before finishing the steps by installing the light fixtures for dining room you already bought online or physical from store, decide how long should the distance between the tip of the lights to the top of the table. It is said that it should be hanged around 30 and 36 inches above table.

It is also important for you to consider about the distance of the light. This distance occurred to each light, in case yours come with several lights. At last, you have read how to find the perfect light fixtures for dining room thoroughly. Remember the steps, apply them and buy the light you wanted. Make you sure that it matches the current decoration in your house, especially in your dining room.

dining room ceiling lights How to Find the Best Light Fixtures for Dining Room

How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools

Buying kitchen counter stools might come in handy. Browse through this to find out how to buy them carefully.

Kitchen counter stools are tall chairs you usually see in a bar. They have the same height and quality of comfort as well as style. However their practical use is totally different. The kitchen stools are placed in front of kitchen counter. Meanwhile, the bar stools are placed in different places inside the bar. Finding the perfect kitchen stools can be daunting, because there are a lot to consider. Such as the material the stools are made of, the height also matter, because if it is too high then it will be a discomfort. The number of stools you want to have in your kitchen counter should be taken into account as well. Other requirements are colors, and styles.

Kitchen counter stools with backs How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools

Thing to Consider When Buying Kitchen Counter Stools

Choosing the perfect height of the stools is important. You don’t want your kitchen stools higher than the counter, because other than that would probably look awkward, that would also decrease its aesthetic value. Kitchen counter stools you want to buy should approximately 25 or 26 inches from floor to seat. And then, you also have to decide what style you want to show. For example if you are a big fan of a sport player, you can actually have their team logo or even their faces on the cushion of the kitchen counter stools.

Kitchen counter stools How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools

Don’t forget to determine the exact number of stools you want to buy. Make sure that the numbers are not too much or too little. You need to leave some spaces on the counter for your families and friends to eat or drink. Therefore the amount of stools you are planning to get must be precise. Also, remember to choose the material wisely. For example, if you are looking for stools which are easy to clean and are cheap, you might want to afford kitchen counter stools which are made from metal.

Kitchen counter stools ikea How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools

Completing Kitchen Counter Stools Styles

State your counter stools styles by picking up the right kitchen counter stools model. But before that, measure the space you have in the kitchen counter. If the counter is too close to a couch or a space to walk, it is recommended that the stools should be simple, minimalist and rather medium size. Moreover, since the stools are going to be used in the kitchen counter for eating or drinking, stools with easy clean-up material might be the best choice for you.

Kitchen counter stools and bar stools How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools

In the end, it is better for you to find the best stools for your kitchen counter. Now that it is no longer a difficult task to do, finding the perfect stools might be the easiest thing. Remember to always check the stools’ comfort and aesthetic value. Don’t pick the stools which are uncomfortable to sit on. Choose other that have nice cushions and nice completing look for your kitchen style. However, don’t be hard on yourself, kitchen counter stools don’t have to 100% fit into the style of the room. As long as they are comfortable and fill in the space perfectly, they are fine and welcomed to the family.

Kitchen countertops How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools

Kitchen granite countertops How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools

Counter height bar stools How to Carefully Buy Kitchen Counter Stools