10 Best Bathroom Furniture Trends 2016

In what color to paint the walls in the bathroom, a decor to choose, look at what style? If you come to expect repair to the latest bathroom design trends of 2016 year will fall at an opportune moment.

Tiles made of marble and onyx

Certainly not cheap, but because it is not necessary to make out so the whole bathroom, one wall will be enough, you can even restrict part of the wall. However, it should be noted that there are some nuances of using marble in the bathroom, you should know before you decide to use this beautiful and an expensive material.


Down with all the stereotypes, fashion curved lines throughout the bathroom, the walls, floor and ceiling. They can be built using advanced materials, and can draw or create the illusion of using a specific colors and pattern on the tile.


Natural materials

The trend, which is observed in recent years has not lost its relevance in this. Unequivocal hit – dark toned wood floors and cabinets. Love experiments may consider options for the wooden tubs, countertops or washstand. The only thing that confuses, is that not all of the materials to endure the high humidity and temperature. So in their choice should be extremely cautious and careful. For example, the wooden furniture have to be on the legs. Read more about the use of natural wood in the bathroom here.

Monochrome colors

The most classic version, as a classic, as we know, never goes out of fashion. You can play with colors and less sharp combinations.


Shower cubicles without

Comfortable, ergonomic and stylish. But, before you choose this option, it is necessary once again to take into account all the “pros” and “cons.” But this is definitely a good option for small bathrooms. Since this does not diminish visually shower space.


The trend, relevant to the entire interior, and established itself in the bathroom. You can watch a copper bath, it is possible to stop only on the accessories. The point exceptionally taste and purse.

Mosaic on the wall

The most advantageous variant of this year – some mosaic pattern or picture. Here you can show all their imagination and choose absolutely any image. The main thing that he was not beaten out from the general style.


Mediterranean style

Shells, sand, coral and dry, weathered wood – it can be a decoration, and perhaps finishing material. And yet – the bright colors and natural materials.

Black color

A bold decision, which certainly indicates the presence of fine taste black tubs, faucets, parts. This does not mean that the whole room should be “dressed” in mourning, most juice focus on the details.


Matte tiles restrained shades

There is a huge variety of such tiles, which will choose the color that fits your interior best. You can thus accents – highlighting, for example, only part of the wall.

Pretty low-key 2016 Year in bathroom design. There are more games in the accents, the difference of texture and detail. But this is only the recommendations that you can follow, but you can just take them into account and try to adjust by itself.

Saturday, November 5th 2016. | Bathroom