3 Ideas for Decorating Kitchen

Decorate the kitchen elegantly and tastefully, it is important especially in the case of an environment with an adjoining living area. In addition to furniture, one can intervene with different decoration techniques which concern the part boundary. This guide about that, we provide 3 ideas for decorating kitchen, that’s what they are.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • decals
  • Permanent black marker
  • colored paints
  • red dust
  • paintbrushes
  • flatting.

If the room is tiled, the ideal is to create on the surface of the appropriate decorations, especially when it comes to uniform colors. In this case, we can buy decals to be affixed staggered on a certain number of tiles and then fix them carefully with a brush soaked in a transparent final paint. We decorate tiles with acrylic colors or use specific colors to paint the tiles. With the pencil we reproduce the design that we want to achieve on a sheet and then certainly follow on transparent paper. We cut out the outline of the design by the transparent paper and apply it with the adhesive tape on the tile. Certainly we follow the pattern with the colors and you’re done. We are wishing we can further decorate the design, adding a small swarovski, sequins or in colored wooden and not applications. Alternatively we can paint freehand tiles, if we are good at drawing and always decorate as we like.

A second idea concerns any wall units or dividing walls between the kitchen area and the rest of the environment. In this case on the wall surface, instead of using the tiles, you can decorate with a faux stone or brick effect. To do it provides to alternate the colors, finishing the edges of each stone with a permanent marker that is enough to draw with a pencil of irregular shapes resembling ellipses and trapezes, then with the light brown paint, ivory, gray and faded green, black. In the case of brick, the procedure is identical, so just draw rectangular shapes, giving it the classic pose staggered, right after you shall finish the edges with a black marker and color the bricks.

The third idea to decorate the kitchen environment, is to add on the ceiling of faux beams that are easily made from solid wood, available in round and rectangular strips in the centers, workroom, or with the fiberglass laminated logs, so perfect also highlight the natural grain of the wood.

Tuesday, October 18th 2016. | Kitchen
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