Buffet Interior’s – A Cozy And Practical Bar

It is difficult to imagine a piece of furniture that would bring to the interior of the greater comfort and warmth than the buffet. Not much comfort, how many memories of my grandmother’s house, the warmth of hearth and fidelity to traditions envelop the cupboard in modern design projects. Fashion is always cyclical, and those furniture items that were popular 50-80 years ago, who were driven out of our household furniture sets and ready-made solutions for the kitchen, again become mainstream and fill its unique modern design projects of kitchen spaces.

Buffets are popular again. With that, this unique piece of furniture can be easily integrated in vintage stylistic direction, and the modern. If the classic style Shabby chic or vintage sideboard emphasize a tradition, well-established feature of the methods of execution of furniture for storing utensils, in any of the original modern style cabinet can be a highlight of the interior, attracting all eyes.

What is a snack?

Despite the various possibilities buffet execution in a particular style, you can select the general definition for this piece of furniture, like a cabinet for storing dishes, cutlery, serving items and textiles, as well as some food. Buffet can be installed not only in the kitchen or dining room, but even in the living room of a modern home or apartment. In our country, a snack bar with glass inserts in the upper part is sometimes called the sideboard.


In the traditional version, the buffet has the following form:

  • at the bottom is a roomy storage system in the form of tables with drawers and hinged doors (can be combined);
  • occupy the top tier open shelves or cabinet with hinged doors, often with glass inserts;
  • between the two parts usually has space, as a result of the upper surface of the enclosure acts as a countertops or a plane to be placed household items on display.

Once acquired it is a form in the late 17th century, a snack bar, and since then all his modifications were immaterial. The traditional model has proved the most efficient, easy-to-use and attractive in appearance, able to decorate the kitchen or dining space. Even made in minimalist style coffee shops are close to the traditional form of execution. Current models often devoid of decoration, and additions are made in a concise manner, but true to the tradition in the performance of this piece of furniture in three parts preserved.


But there are also models in which there is no clear distinction on the part of the facades are made in a single component. Also on sale, you can see the buffers, the construction of which involves the fit of the upper tier to the lower – the empty space between them. There are also models that are widely used glass insert, so that it becomes more like a snack bar in the window. Variations of execution of this piece of furniture set, but the essence remains the same operation element of the interior, a buffet is a floor cabinet for dishes and kitchen utensils.

If we talk about the size of the buffet, there are no clear standards not. Depending on the height of the ceiling of the kitchen or dining space, the value of furniture, you can choose the buffet of any size. In width variations as much from single-tight models to many faithful buffets with an incredibly roomy storage systems.


Filling the cupboard may be the most diverse – from simple shelves to cutting-edge turntable capable of advancing beyond the storage system and provide access to even the most inaccessible corners of the enclosure. For efficient storage of cutlery and various kitchen utensils inside the drawers are installed special separators – saving space for the distribution of spoons and forks, as well as the time to search is reflected also in the process incredibly orderly arrangement of the cabinet.

Where to install the buffet?

One of the most logical and popular locations on the buffet – in the kitchen space as an extension of a suite of furniture. In this case, the buffet can be installed along the wall and continue to have a kitchen ensemble or perpendicular arrangement of the headset, and delineate the boundaries of functional sectors.


Most often stored in a cupboard utensils, cutlery and other serving items, so the most logical to have this piece of furniture near the dining group. Table for meals can be located in the kitchen area or be the focal point of a separate room – dining room. Regardless of the setting of the ensemble lunch buffet may accompany him in any zone.

Another installation option buffet or sideboard – on the border of the functional areas. It can be as a zoning element kitchen into a dining and work area, and a portion of the combined facilities, which are located just three functional segments – kitchen, dining room and living room. In the case of zoning lot of space, a snack bar can be located along the wall and perpendicular to the vertical plane, clearly separated working area of the kitchen and dining room or living room.


In some cases, it is more rational use of two narrow cupboards, pencil cases, not a single bulky cabinet. When the pair of sideboards may be arranged on the two sides of the window or door opening, the interior of any other element. It is obvious that such an arrangement will not only help make rational use of storage space dining room or kitchen, but also emphasize traditional style symmetry.

If your kitchen or dining room has a niche, then do not use it to set the buffet just a sin. Find a ready solution for furniture sizes available niches will not be easy, but the production of the cupboard to order to your specifications will decide not only the dimensions of the problem, but also the stylistic execution.


In some areas the buffet is not tied to any kitchen, no dining in a group. Any space in the spacious room can be a good installation option. Of course, it is desirable that this sector has not been removed from the dining area – it is more convenient to lay the table, if all the items are close at hand.

The design, color and texture solutions for the buffet

One option buffet execution – one in a suite with a kitchen. Most often, this canteen is a linear continuation of furniture, and the ensemble performed with similar facades, color, furniture and decor. In some cases, the buffet is set perpendicular to one side of the headset, and clearly zoned kitchen facilities working area.


In order to visually highlight the buffet in the kitchen interior, while retaining the image of harmony, perform a standing cabinet enough either in the same style as the suite, but other colors, or in the same color scheme, but a different texture or style (e.g kitchen the ensemble performed with glossy facades, and a snack bar – with matt).

Another embodiment of the buffet – in accordance with the design, color palette and texture making a dining group. Floor cupboard can be executed from the same tree. That and a dining table or a glass table top table can be exactly repeated inserts on the doors sideboard. In some cases, the color of the facade buffet staining coincides with the execution of the tone of chairs, making a harmonious union to create the perfect interior dining room or a kitchen with a dining area.

One of the most daring and original ways of buffet execution – focus in the created interior. Bright, colorful floor cabinet may be the only bright accent element in the design of the kitchen or dining room. Against the background of neutral finishes and bright kitchen furniture, even the natural wood pattern looks bright, attracting everyone’s attention.

In modern design projects kitchens and dining rooms are often found vintage buffets. However, none of the designer will not paint over old cracked and chipped, exposing the relic on display as a treasure. Moreover, modern models, executed in the traditional version, specially aged at using various design techniques and acquire a patina of ancient luxury and prestige. If you inherited from her grandmother went to the old canteen – can safely prescribe it “the star of the program” and build the entire interior of the kitchen or dining space around it.

Alternative contemporary sideboard

One option for replacing the interior of the cupboard kitchen or dining room can become display cases. The storage system, a large part of the facade is made of glass which are also designed to accommodate dishes and cutlery, but they all paraded. Showcases usually represent a single storage system is not divided into upper and lower part.

An original alternative to storage for utensils and appliances may be pursuant to a kitchen island for a buffet type. The lower part of the piece of furniture, with its features and performance of the selection of decor transferred to a separate module facade. As a result, modern interior gets touch of antiques, cozy and original bar. Of course, “afford” an island kitchen capable of medium and large size. To authentically bottom of the cupboard kitchen island you need to fulfill the space. For facades floor cupboard are often curved, radial.

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