How To Choose A Good Bath As Your Best Sanitary Ware

Since the production of source materials determines the performance of health care, to buy the health, make sure the item you want is the key to distinguish the material from the manufacturer, usually acrylic tubs, bathtubs, steel tank cast iron and popular wooden bathtubs, bathtub different material has different characteristics.

Acrylic Bathtub


Using synthetic acrylic bathtub organic materials, Advanced Style, light weight, good surface finish, lower price, but because non-organic materials resistant to high temperatures, poor, poor Synthetic pressure, it is easy to carry aging surface deficiencies bath surface acrylic with a little over three years without fading. However, part of the production brand manufacturers with imported high brightness, special high-strength bath acrylic sheet, acrylic, somehow overcome some deficiencies. If the consumer for the purchase of health care that their low frequency, or of a house within a few years of re-adjustment, then acrylic tub as a good value, or the most suitable for this type of consumer.

Advantages: low cost, good insulation effect, shape variety.

Disadvantages: get easily happen surface a hard object.

Cast Iron Bath


Cast iron enamel surface and molten hot so the weight is great, easy to use noise; as the melting process is relatively complex, so that the overall shape of the cast iron bathtub relatively easily and the price is very expensive

Pros: Durable, the sound of water, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: high prices, heavy weight, difficult to install and transport.

Wood Bathroom


It is often used in solid wood wooden bath, high density and good corrosion resistance material, like pine, oak, pine, cedar, etc, the material on the market for a cedar bath in common solid as oak. According to a particular brand of Daming Palace building materials for the city shopping guide solid wood, wood bathroom toilet and a fresh press introduction, are not easy to clean, not static, natural ecological benefits, such as bathing can be washed with water after cleaning routine maintenance is simple, solid wood dry hot Hello wet fear When used for cleaning water leaks to avoid exposure.

Benefits: deep heavy insulation cylinders, complete infiltration of the body.

Disadvantages: High price, service and maintenance requirements deform losses.

Steel Bath


Hot steel is creating traditional materials, steel cylinder is a single piece of about 2 mm mold of steel plate to form thick bath, surface treatment and then made from the enamel, which has wear and to heat, pressure, weight and so on from the cylinder acrylic cast iron cylinder and between the insulating effect of the cast iron cylinder, but in the long term, the greater the overall cost, many consumers in the choice of decoration when the steel cylinder.

Benefits: low cost, texture, light and easy to install.

Disadvantages: poor insulation effect, monotonous noise injection great style.

Do not choose to buy only few expensive


When choosing the bathroom, the first thing to consider is the brand and the material, which is usually acquired by budgetary decisions; bath followed by size, shape and position of tap holes, these elements are the bathroom scale design and an objective decision; Finally, according to your interests and style preferences and health facilities.

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