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Designing a house is perhaps the most fun and interesting part of an architect’s work. Through a process of trial and graphics research you can develop a pretty interesting project with innovative solutions, but at the same time simple. Specialists in this field as we well know, are the architect or engineers, who spend most of their own time developing such projects, but sometimes you can even do it on their own, in a more simplified, and taking advantage of specific programs to everyone. This guide is dedicated to all those who are thinking about renting or buying an apartment, a cottage in the country or perhaps the boldest to build from scratch the house of their dreams. No contact to architects and without specific expertise in engineering or architecture, you can design and simulate online the prospect of your home, thanks to several websites and all this without having to buy expensive and complicated software. So let’s see how to design a house online, through a few simple steps.

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Make sure you have on hand:

  1. A PC connected to the Internet.
  2. A modern and updated browsers (like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).

One of the sites that you can use, simple and affordable for everyone, is SmallBluePrinter ( This service allows you to realize the project of an entire apartment starting completely from scratch or from templates. You can insert or remove walls, doors windows. It allows you to see the apartment you created in perspective or even in three dimensions, giving the feeling of “to walk” inside, to give way to realize what will be the space and movement within the home environment. For more experienced hands there instead Homestyler, online service edited by Autodesk (, a highly respected maker of high-end graphics software. With this site you can even design it from scratch all over the house, create the rooms to the desired size, add doors, windows, furniture, some plants can be chosen from a catalog of more than 40,000 items. You can view your project in three dimensions export it to various formats, and if you want to share them on Facebook.

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Even more professional and rich, also translated entirely in Italian (which is good!), Is Floorplanner ( this very professional site (even foresees a paid version for real estate professionals and fitting out of interior). Users can share their designs on the internet and professionals and can not advise on what to do. The manufacturers of accessories and furniture can take advantage of the Professional Service, with which give life to a real campaign of “product placement”, placing their creations in the floor plans complete with logos prominently displayed.

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Do not miss the opportunity to post photos and videos of all kinds, to create professional 3D render of the planned housing, to view them on iPhone and iPad with the App appropriate; all completely free for home users, while professionals can subscribe to Plus plan costs only 9,95 euro a year, or to more sophisticated and full service Professional from 19 euro per month. Floor planner is available completely online, preferably with the browser Google Chrome, so no need to download any program to use it.

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Latest site to turn to in case you want to renew the dining room or kitchen is the Swedish giant IKEA with its low cost Kitchen Planner (, also accessible to everyone as software for the Windows platform only, thanks to this planner is possible to design these two rooms of the house starting from its size up to the insertion of windows, doors and even of heating, electrical and plumbing. To those who choose to use the IKEA site, they can of course select the furniture, appliances and accessories to define every detail of the project, even appliances. All keeping under constant control the costs of transactions. Once completed the project even with this solution will be able to see it in three dimensions, is if and when needed print it and take it to the nearest store to place your order, or even order online all the selected pieces.

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It definitely design a house is not easy, even if at first glance it might seem, but it is not lost, however mood. In fact, thanks to the suggestions in this guide have a few more tools to build your home quickly and easily, then offer your project to a specialist, who will evaluate it and make the necessary changes to correct any errors or adding some solution more. It only remains to wish you good work, but above all have fun.

Our advice for you, never forget: It is advisable to review the projects made online to a professional architect prior to purchase of furniture or furnishings.

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