Inspired Wallpaper In A Modern Interior

Colorful wallpaper is back in fashion! Kitschy motifs with flowers, distinctive lines and psychedelic patterns can therefore be re-integrated perfectly in a modern interior design. To create a modern look the wallpaper is sometimes used in a different way than before. Now we are working mainly with accent walls or the repetition of striking patterns throughout the house. When choosing wallpaper, it is also important to take into account existing furniture and materials. Below you can see already some nice examples of devices with groovy wallpaper.

3d wallpaper modern art abstract mural golden ball soft back photo intended for wallpaper in a modern interior Inspired Wallpaper In A Modern Interior

Inspired Wallpaper in 70s Style

Wallpaper show through the ceiling seems not exactly a choice that will make soon. Montagna Lunga also took a bold choice in the design of this bathroom. The result is original, surprising and will you will not soon forget.

Are you a fan of retro furniture from the 70s? Nowadays there are a lot of wallpaper stores that sell original wallpaper rolls and reproductions of the 70s.

white brick wall texture interior background design ideas and in wallpaper in a modern interior Inspired Wallpaper In A Modern Interior

Wallpaper does not always have to be full of color to stand out. When was chosen above bedroom for a striking print in neutral shades of brown which makes the bedroom exudes warmth and coziness without appearing crowded.

Eclectic Interior Wallpaper

In an eclectic interior wallpaper comes great advantage. A Chesterfield seat, cement tiles, Delftware and a coffee table in reclaimed wood perfectly with this black and white wallpaper with vertical lines.

home decorating ideas vintage round copper wall mirror and wallpaper within wallpaper in a modern interior Inspired Wallpaper In A Modern Interior

In the toilet the rest assured that exuberant allowed to go. Since you spend much time here, it is the ideal space to experiment with striking wallpaper. Also old wallpaper surpluses can be used well here due to limited space. Admit it, a visit to the toilet you will not soon forget.

In the bedroom you can add a nice touch of wallpaper. If you choose to print a busy place this quite behind the bed so you do not have hours to stare at when you are lying in your bed.

For the establishment of the above apartment was chosen for a funky wallpaper print from the Harlequin brand. The horizontal lines ensure that the room appear longer and is a real eye catcher when you enter.

Monday, October 22nd 2018. | Interior