Interior Design Color Trends for 2016

Interior Design Color Trends for 2016 – We are not accustomed to retreat a single step from fashion. Moreover, recent trends are important for us not only in the fashion industry, but also in the world of design. But whether or not to tear down his house to be always in the trend? After all, change the color of my apartment much more expensive new wardrobe, for example.

Although… If initially the right approach to the issue, it is very easy with accents and some minor changes to update the house according to the latest trends. For interior design radically changed no more frequently than every 10 years. During this time, each of us wants to feel again the trouble repair and upgrade your home.

Trends for 2016


If the last couple of years somehow interiors filled with neon lights and gloomy tones, forget about it today. Ecology and environmental friendliness again.

The most fashionable base color is gray in all possible manifestations. And this is not necessarily the grey walls. Perhaps, furniture, ceiling or floor covering. But it shall not be less than 40%. Those who categorically refuses to be strict and, at first glance, shades, designers offer yellow and the remaining from previous years olive.

Gypsies dance

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In order not to miss with a choice of fashionable colors for accent, look at the palette of classic gypsy costume. If 7-8 years ago at the peak of popularity were Gypsy and Moroccan patterns, today’s left of them just coloring. Natural saturated colors: plum, apple, wine, cornflower blue, red clay, leaves and roses of all shades will create a oasis in the house. Just do not overdo it with the number of different colors. A maximum of four for one room. For example, if you choose a deep orange for home textiles, perfect purple for example, decorative glass (vases, flower pots or salad) and olive in ornaments for walls. If you like these colors, look at the bright and free style Boho.

Forward to the past

Also in the trend vintage shades. Then there are more muted, though powdered. They give the room coziness and warmth of the hearth. Particularly good vintage shades for upholstered furniture, decor and basic floor covering. They are not overtighten the attention, but at the same time, engulf charm and, if it is appropriate to say so, femininity. It should be noted that these colors are typical popular Provence style for several years. Pale grey, lilac, pink, blue, copper, yellow shades plus natural materials-perfect tandem this season.

Black is…


Whether you like it or not, but the black does not go out of fashion. Especially hit black and white interiors. But not zebras. Geometry, or simply the ratio of 70/30. Although there does not dispense with the color patches. The same yellow, olive, purple, or emerald. Making his home in black and white, seek inspiration to clean and stylish Scandinavian style.

If you are satisfied with the color scheme of your home, and you only want to bring fashion notes, perfectly suited to the linens, color replacement mat in wall paintings or new Cookware. Because nobody knows what awaits us after a year!


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