Pantone Colors Autumn Winter 2016

Pantone Colors Autumn Winter 2016 – With the arrival of fall, the color palette of nature changes dramatically and becomes bright, warm colors. Institute of Pantone color palette of their offers for the autumn-winter period and that is about it now and we’ll talk.

Aurora Red Color

Every woman should have a red lipstick and red accent in the interior. Red is the color of life energy. Juicy, moderately intense, with terracotta shade Aurora Red suit is far from over. If you like drama, color depth and bright accents, this shade for your home. Be careful with the quantity and always stick to the rules of either the foreground color or accent.


Dusty Cedar

Pretty difficult, warm color, and suitable as a basis for color and decoration. Quiet and discreet, it is ideal for “expensive” (in a good way) styles classical, modernist style, art deco. But even in Boho and in oriental style it will look well.


Pottery Clay

One of the most “autumn colors represented in the palette. So he is close to the color of the foliage and the earth itself, that it seems he is the favorite, not only the fall of this year, but all subsequent. It can be safely used in the Interior of any room, in completely different roles. Although you can overdo it and make the room too dark. So its better to shade more light, neutral shades.

nice-bedroom-pantone-colors-2017 nautica-at-home

Spicy Mustard

When the first frosts and snow hide all colors, this color will still be warm and return in the summer. A sophisticated shade with a spicy taste, will be a successful addition to the single-sided Interior, bringing it in sunlight and Oriental notes. Energetic and bold, he successfully fit into any environment, whether living or even pantry. Particularly unusual looks furniture or e.g. a door in this color.


Bodacious or Reckless

It’s hard to say exactly how Pantone specialists choose names for colors, but they always turn out right. Spring color and colors, will brighten up even the most exact severe winter weekdays and paint the darkness and greyness. Such a feminine and playful, he at the same time not too calling. Decor or textiles are in this color are most successful. Although you can experiment with them as their primary color, for example for the living room or bedroom.


Warm Taupe or warm grey-Brown

Clearly the main color that immediately creates atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and warmth. Another autumn color, which is close to all and so has such a wide range of use. Dilute it with its bright spots of decor, you can create a fairly bold, multifaceted Interior. For peaceful and restrained nature, you can add bright colors. This is the color for the walls, textiles, furniture and flooring.



Lush Meadow

When we say “juicy Greens”, we mean exactly that color. So upbeat, spring, deep color that it is hard to remain indifferent to it. On the one hand, we can say that this color and so in each House-in the form of pots with household plants. On the other hand it is very well said himself, as in the color of furniture, decor and even the base color for the walls. In this case, such rich worth making only one wall in the room. Although, if you want to add a little room is sunny and cold depths, you can take a chance with all walls.


Riverside or river bank

It is impossible to imagine the autumn-winter palette without shades of blue. Calm and noble color, which can be quite easy to fit and to the interior of the living room, bedroom or nursery. With such versatility, it is just as well be apparent in any style – from classic to hi-tech, everything depends on the concomitant colors. The most profitable, of course, remain white and ivory.

small-living-room-ideas small-apartment-living-room-ideas

Airy Blue

Color frosty air and first shards on the River, it has a calming effect. And therefore, it is best suited for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, if you want to increase the space Airy Blue and cope with this task.

autumn-winter-palette-without-shades-of-blue deep-winter-color-palette ppg-architectural-coatings


Despite the fact that the title is a bit scary and aggressive, the color is quite calm and restrained. He, like most of the shades of gray, can serve as the best basis of any interior. But he has an insidious habit – easy to change under the influence of the surrounding colors. It is not necessary to forget and be sure to take into account the illumination of the interior, and planned colors of furniture and decor. Otherwise, you can get a counterproductive effect.


Pantone experts have left no chance to the autumn blues and the winter grayness, the proposed palette breathes life and bright colors. The main thing is not afraid to experiment and boldly to make new colors into your home.

Wednesday, October 5th 2016. | Interior
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