How To Place Lighting Fixtures

For the comfort and coziness in the house need not only to choose the interior design, materials and colors. All this good ensemble can be easily upset or improper lighting and installation. It should be borne in mind that in this matter it is important to not only light up the room in the dark, it is important to consider its functional purpose, perfect for every room and a single task. It uses multi-level lighting, which will help solve all problems at once.

Living room lighting


In this room, the light should be as close to natural – most brightly lit ceiling, then the walls and the floor. Install dimmers to adjust light intensity level. Depending on the time of day and your wishes, the light can be bright or intimate muted. The main source of light in the room – a chandelier or several spotlights, depending on the basic style and wishes. In addition, over the sofa or near the need to install wall, table lamp or floor lamp for reading and watching TV. If the room is a deep armchair, you can put next to a floor lamp with a large shade, the height above the floor should be 135 cm. Over tea or coffee table hang a small lamp that will illuminate the just the table itself. And be sure to think about the lighting for individual interior elements – niches, floor vases, paintings and photographs.

Kitchen lighting

kitchen-lighting-design-ideas kitchen-lighting-design

Besides the central lighting, each work area should be equipped with a source of direct lighting – sink, stove, a cutting table. It is also good to establish one or more sources of soft, warm light over the dining table. The distance between the surface of the table and the lamp should be 60cm. In the kitchen you can also use a focused light fixtures, to isolate individual items of furniture or decor – wall clocks, open shelves with dishes.

Bedroom lighting


The light in the bedroom is of particular significance, since it must do everything to facilitate relaxation and rest. To do this, select a small central light source brightness, preferably with manual adjustment of light intensity. Be sure to set the bedside lamps with directional light beam. With this you can easily read, even at night and does not interfere with another person. If the bedroom is a dressing table, it is also necessary to highlight on both sides of the mirror, more bright light than the main. This will avoid shadows on the face.

Nursery lighting


It is best to choose the child’s bright and sunny room. It is important to remember here that the child not only sleeps but also plays and has been so for each type of training is necessary to consider its coverage. The central light source – a chandelier or ceiling fixture should ensure not too powerful, soft, diffused light. The workplace is recommended to place the window, but so as not to shine. An additional source of light here can serve as a table lamp on a flexible stem, which is better to install in the left corner of the front. If the child plays the piano, here you will need a small lamp with a highly directional beam of light, the main thing that he did not shine the child in the face. For kids that are still afraid to sleep without a light, you must purchase a night light, which can stand on the floor, on a desk or on the wall. For older children, above the bed need to hang sconces for reading.

Desk lamp


The main task to provide a sufficient level of light required for the job. For this fit a desk lamp on the left side of the front.

Bathroom lighting



In addition to the central lamp, light sources will be placed at the mirror. It must be strong enough, with natural light.

Hallways lighting

Since this part of the apartments are often deprived of natural light the whole day, the lamps have to be used continuously. The main objective is to achieve a result the smallest differential light level with the transitions between the rooms, which adversely affects the vision. Here, the lighting should be bright, but there is no strict rules – the light source may be one or more, situated in the center of the ceiling, or in a row. In fact, often, with a predetermined placement corrective lamps room itself. From this and it depends on its location.


Never forget that the lighting not just decor or need. It is no less important than the layout of the premises or the selection of furniture, as a direct effect on the atmosphere in the house, well-being and even the health of residents and visitors. Therefore they are related to the choice of fixtures and their placement with all the care and seriousness. And then even the gray days behind the window will not spoil your mood.

Monday, October 24th 2016. | Interior