How To Renovate Garden Furniture

The garden is part of the house that is most subject to wear because it is constantly exposed to light and weather, both winter and summer. This place is however much exploited in the summer and allows us to share moments of carefree and happy life together with relatives and friends. Those lucky enough to have a garden can make outdoor parties and invite friends of the children to play and have fun. It must be said that having the garden also requires periodic maintenance and necessarily there must be elements of the furniture such as tables, chairs and some other accessories to contain useful items. Let’s see how to renew the garden furniture to bring up the exterior of our house more elegant and refined.

When she starts the summer season our garden comes to life and color. If during the winter we did not have the opportunity to devote ourselves to the care of our garden, we need a certain attention just the weather permits. The first step is a thorough cleaning of surfaces and furniture: sweep and remove the dirt from the backyard, so let us dedicate ourselves to all objects that remain outdoors all year round, such as vases, flower pots, stone tables and benches or wooden. For concrete and stone we use clean water and a brush broom, rubbing the surface in order to eliminate mosses, lichens and impurities. The biocide treatments may facilitate removal and prevent the reappearance of these spots. The plastic and wood furniture should be cleaned with soap and water.

Wood furniture, such as chairs and tables, can be repainted to give them a better look and to protect them from the weather. Each metal parts to rust began scrubbed to remove the damaged area and then treated with the inhibitor. After a smooth surface ready to proceed with the right products and impregnate the oil that will give shine to the wood. In addition to the clear coat color semi-transparent, opaque or we can choose to give a new look to the furnishings: the color is the choice of personal taste.

To renew the furniture of the garden we can change the organization of space, moving items in an original way. We create areas delimited using various planters and paving, plants will also be essential to give a touch of color alternating two or three different colors.

We can replace the cushion covers, if you have faded. Clearly the elements fabric you must store with the arrival otherwise the rain ruin themselves irretrievably and we just have to throw them. Very beautiful are the lights that are recharged with solar energy; we can bury them in the garden at a proper distance from each other and create a soft and romantic atmosphere.

Thursday, October 13th 2016. | Garden
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