24 Ways to Repair of Apartments

Repair of apartments, certainly, significant event, for laying the premise for all future life in an updated space. Today, owners of apartments can completely trust the professionals who will realize their dream of an aesthetic and comfortable interior. But even customers who have opted for a scheme of “turnkey”, I want to understand what is happening with their home, there is seething repairs.

Let’s look at the repair process step by step, from design to implementation. First, define the main actors in this process. It is, first of all, you – the customer works, that is, the owner repaired the apartment. To implement all the planned you need a designer – engineer, having a certificate, which will carry out all design work on your project. And directly performer – construction team, and hands that will make your new home. Naturally, the designer and artist are constantly interacting with each other and with the customer. Also, to the extent of the work you will need to refer to the narrow profile professionals: for the installation of air conditioning, suspended ceilings, kitchen units, windows, etc.

Step 1: Drafting

The main actor on this stage becomes the designer hired by you. After listening to all the wishes of the customer, it is determined by the materials that will be called upon to implement it. So, the designer selects the types wall coverings, flooring, ceilings, doors, and ceramic tiles.


Step 2. Organization of work

This step falls mainly on the shoulders of the apartment owner. Take care of a decent livelihood working for the entire time that they spend under your roof. So, it should solve the problem of sleeping places, temporary electricity and water supply. The people who work for you should be able to eat properly, to bathe and wash their clothes, and use the toilet.

Also, the host assumes the primary household purchases, which will be needed brigade during operation: packaging film, trash bags, cleaning tools.

At this time, the workers bring into your home all they need tools, protective clothing and protective equipment. Only at the end of the organizational phase of the working team can proceed to his duties.

Step 3. Spreading wall

At first, the workers carried out the dismantling of unnecessary internal walls and partitions. Also at this stage formed doorways that require larger.


Step 4: Installation of the floor heating

The owner previously agrees, and tells the workers of the date of disconnection of risers. After that, the team paves the heating pipe on the floor. Also, the customer at this stage carries out measurements of window and door openings.

Step 5. Ceiling

The workers perform the primer and ceiling painting. Meanwhile, the customer must finally choose “finishing” repair materials (wallpaper, laminate, etc.) And the company, which will have to order food.

Step 6. Native walls

Now workers building new walls and partitions according to the draft. Who is the customer’s time to find experts who will carry out the installation of air conditioners, air conditioners and choose for yourself.

Step 7. Waterproofing and plastering

Workers waterproofing technology used in so-called “wet areas” apartment, that is, where the contact with the water surface is possible. After that, “equalize” the wall with the help of plaster. In the process of plastering used beacons installed prior to work: they allow you to achieve perfect vertical wall surfaces. Upon completion of plastering beacons are removed. By the way, on request, be available waterproofing and residential areas.

Step 8. Preparation of the floor & windows and doors

Workers prepare the floor to the screed. Then the experts invited you perform the installation of the front door, and a team from the window company installs PVC windows, balconies and loggias.


Step 9. Preparation of the technical requirements of narrow specialists

The owner of the apartment invites specialists in: air conditioning, security and alarm systems, video surveillance, as well as representatives of the providers of satellite television and the Internet. Designer makes adjustments to the further plan of work in accordance with their requirements.

Step 10: Formation of the floor screed

At this stage, the floor is leveled. To do this, first set the beacons, which allow to achieve the ideal flat surface. Then, the damper is mounted on the perimeter of the tape, which will compensate for thermal expansion of the concrete screed. It was only after all this is done filling floor screed.

Step 11. Heating and preparing for the installation of kitchen

Specially invited experts of the customer replace the old batteries with modern radiators. And at this time is appropriate to call security of the kitchen. Received from him the technical requirements are taken into account by the designer to further progress.

Repair Of Kitchen In Apartments With Repair Of Kitchen Apartments 24 Ways To Repair Of Apartments

Step 12. Installation of “roughing” electricians and plumbers

To do this, first performed walls laying in a layer of plaster grooves into which the wiring conduit. Then laid cables and pipes.

Step 13 Conditioners

Visiting specialist installation company chosen conditioning exercises laying track and sets the external units of air conditioners. And at this time Your work crew installs floor heating and low-voltage network.


Step 14. Raised walls and ceiling

Then workers erecting false walls, which provide ducts for communication and niche for the hatch. After that formed the ceiling ducts and mortgages – the basis of false ceiling.

Step 15. The primer coat sanding

After this is done twice alternate priming, puttying, and sanding the walls. Now is the time to secure the main cause of tension ceiling.

Step 16. WC & balcony

Set bath, sink, toilet and plumbing fixtures hidden. Then the bathroom is coated with ceramic tiles. At the time these works can be combined with decoration of balconies and loggias.

Step 17. Perfect screed

Further purification is carried out floor screed and, at the request of the customer, primed screed. Then create an adjustment layer self-leveling floor.

Step 18. Sills

It’s time for the installation of window sills and countertops, as well as insulated PVC slopes. At the time these works can be combined with grouting tiles in the bathroom.

Repair Of Apartments Pertaining To Repair Of Apartments 24 Ways To Repair Of Apartments

Step 19. Wallpaper

On professionally trained walls pasted wallpaper, which then according to your wishes can be painted.

Step 20. Paul & the ceiling – the final version

While visiting on the stretch ceilings specialist does its job, your team of workers covered the floor covering.

Step 21. Internal doors & kitchen

This step is performed by specially invited different experts: the installation of interior doors and arches framing, installation of slopes at the front door, kitchen assembly, installation of built-in furniture and appliances.

Step 22. Installation of “finishing” electricians and plumbers

Once stacked baseboards can install the electrics and plumbing. Also at this stage, the customer invited experts carry out the installation and connection of external units of air conditioners, as well as the installation of the washing machine.

Step 23. Final cleaning

Modern professional maintenance crews clean room and removal of construction waste. So the owner of the apartment after the repair is given in the “product” form.

Step 24. Happy End

Upon completion of repair work carried out delivery and assembly of furniture, installation of accessories and attachments, and specially invited experts set up satellite TV, internet and security system. After that, all the actors of this story say goodbye to the customer, leaving him in a new apartment.

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