Romantic Bedroom Bedding

Romantic Bedroom Bedding

Sit down together and come up with ideas that you both enjoy. This is the time that you need to practice the art of compromise. Try to add something that he loves even if you do not and vice versa. When you have finished with the ideas you need to create a budget that you both can handle.

Girls love to give their bedroom a romantic design and feel to it. When choosing this type of design they have to be careful because often times it will be so girly that no man will enjoy it. when you are single you can go crazy and put hearts and candles all over the place. But as a couple you have to work together to create a romantic room that you will both be comfortable. Yeah, that is Romantic Bedroom Bedding

• Design.

Choosing a design that is romantic and that you both will love might be harder then you think. Use your imagination and work together to find something. If you need help use design magazines and try to choose a few colors, wall Decor, and accessories that you would love.

• Color

Color is essential to any theme for the bedroom and will help to set the mood and ambience you are striving for. Some of the best colors for a trendy romantic bedroom include, burgundy, red, black and white, dark tan and brown. Darker colors help to create a romantic and yet masculine room. The only downside is that if you have a small room it will make it appear even smaller. Romantic Bedroom Bedding

If you do not like dark colors than stick to colors that are neutral or keep them white and use trimming or faux finishes. Some people will stencil or wallpaper design that will border the room.

• Furniture.

You want to pick bedroom sets (bed, dresser, and nightstands) that are made with dark colored woods like cherry or mahogany. Sleigh beds are some of the best types of bed frames to use in trendy romantic bedrooms. On the bed you can use oversized bedding that matches the color on the walls and throw pillows to match. If you have space try to add a lounge chair.

• Wall Décor

The type of accessories and wall Decor that you pick out will dramatically change the look of your room. What started off romantic could turn contemporary or even country style. Keep to the colors and try to find black and white scenic photographs, pictures of you and your partner, and beautiful paintings. Also try to place candles on the dresser or a couple along the wall of Romantic Bedroom Bedding

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