Tips on Rustic Modern Masonry Kitchens

Here are some examples of kitchens in both classical and modern masonry for those who like a rustic decorating style for your home.

The built-in kitchens are fascinating structures, which undoubtedly are decorated in a rustic environment, although many modern variations they know closer to the contemporary taste.

It is kitchens that are built with a ring base, which contains the hosts and the various elements that compose them. From furniture restraints and home appliances, everything is inserted into a structure that can be made of cement, building materials, wood and even plasterboard, it all depends on personal choices, because the built-in kitchens may be more or less read.

The built-in kitchens are a very particular choice, that goes well with a country style decor and shabby, and that turn out for their warm and welcoming nature. We see a selection of built-in kitchens, to understand their characteristics and the materials that were used.

Rustic And Modern Masonry Kitchens Regarding Rustic Modern Kitchen Masonry Tips On Rustic Modern Masonry Kitchens

Built-in kitchens: ideas and tips

The first built-in kitchen that we have selected is a solution comes from portfolio Ernesto Allegretti.

It is a proposal that knows how to fuse intelligence with a taste for the rustic to modern functionality. it is not written anywhere that the built-in kitchens must be accompanied by strength in stone basins and lace curtains. This proposal is the proof, as to a kitchen in a well-defined masonry, also by decorative arches, have been associated burners and a stainless steel sink. Power of creativity.

Masonry Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas Small Design Ideas Intended For Rustic Modern Kitchen Masonry Tips On Rustic Modern Masonry Kitchens

Rustic kitchens in masonry

The masonry kitchen may prefer different types of stone in the coating. Those who love the light tones can choose white natural stone, powder pink or pink, while those looking for warm tones can orient themselves on the yellow and even red.

Those who want to allure more British and trust pleasure of bricks can coat the walls of the kitchen in masonry with these elements, or create it directly brick, depending on your needs and the space available.

This built-in kitchen spaces are left free and the color tone to be found in the red and in the beauty of an island that acts as a corner bar made of face brick structure in sight.

Rustic Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Throughout Rustic Modern Kitchen Tips On Rustic Modern Masonry Kitchens

Kitchens in modern masonry

We come then to a built-in kitchen that loses its appeal by ‘dollhouse’ and aims contemporary. The suggestion is based in this case the choice of finishes, because nothing prevents a built-in kitchen can be completed with concrete, or with resins positioned in key places. The structure is always building, and each element has its place well defined.

In this solution, we are approaching the industrial flavor, but it is a built-in kitchen made of wood and recycled construction materials. Fascinated? Surely this is a different proposal from the usual, but definitely solid and full of personality.


The charm of the built-in kitchens

The built-in kitchens fascinate many people, because the beauty of the stone, the integrated walls and portions coated stone is unmatched. It is a delicious proposal, dedicated to those who love the rustic taste and country but which can also be taken by people who love modern trends if realized with special aesthetics.

The masonry kitchen is so called because instead of the removable structure, that is the base that houses the plan, appliances and mitigation sections is erected a wall or a concrete structure that contains all of these sections. It is a charismatic choice, because once erected the brick kitchen can hardly be demolished worth its complete demolition, but once completed, can really give a lot of satisfaction.

Rustic Modern Kitchen With Antique Look Interior Design Ideas With Rustic Modern Kitchen Tips On Rustic Modern Masonry Kitchens

It is a solid food, which can be made to measure, and then on a highly personal project and which can be arranged in height and length as much as you want, always allowing space! People very high, which usually can not cook or prepare for convenience foods because they must remain curves, often opt for the built-in kitchen solutions, so they can adapt their work plans according to their needs. The same happens with people minute, thanks to the lower floors can work and operate with greater ease.

The built-in kitchens turn out to be a perfect solution for those who love the ‘DIY’ or prefer to add great personality touches to your home. Instead of pre packaged solutions, this type of food can indeed be designed and designers, or independently, built by those in the trade but also with yourself if you have excellent manual.

Visually Intriguing Rustic Modern Furniture To Improve Interior Throughout Rustic Modern Kitchen Tips On Rustic Modern Masonry Kitchens

The materials used can be different, from the cement that creates the base up to the plasterboard for more simple solutions, from the stone up the pebbles to coat. Some of the latest generation kitchens propose a ‘fake masonry’ or are made with a wooden or chipboard paneling painted and treated so as to be equal to the cement. All these solutions are excellent, and depend on the will and ability of the inhabitants.

Ultimately it is a personal choice hyper, which can meet the stylistic demands of those who love the taste shabby, country and rustic as the kitchen cabinets so reminiscent of the kitchens of the past, when they were being built by the masons and equipped with stoves and hobs wood. So much progress has been made, but the built-in kitchen is a choice not only tied to the story, but voted to express a deep and personal sense of style of the inhabitants.


Kitchens masonry DIY

For fans of DIY there is also the possibility of making your rustic kitchen, hopefully the photos and suggestions that you may have read in this article will be useful as a starting point.

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