Set Up A Kitchen In The Bar

After the disappearance of the licenses that differentiated a local who could prepare and serve food to one that could only administer drink, more and more bars are expanding their dining options, including a catering service, albeit reduced. The kitchen set-up of a bar is a crucial step in increasing its revenue thanks to the preparation of aperitifs or quick lunches for students and workers.

Although it is not a real restaurant, the kitchen of the bar must still comply with the requirements of hygiene and HACCP. Obviously if the purpose is only to prepare sandwiches, rolls and hot dogs, you simply set up the bar counter with a work plan and the necessary equipment such as slicers, a plate or the machine for hot dogs. For more demanding dishes, it will need a local in itself to be used as food in the bar; It must be separated from that of the administration, when it is planned cooking steam foods, and grid plate and the preparation of pasta and pizza, are also needed tiled walls and easily cleanable surfaces, sinks with running water and the presence of a professional dishwasher.


The firing bar equipment must have an extractor hood connected to an independent chimney and there must be an air intake in the room. The warehouse for foodstuffs will have to have the foreclosed access to the public and be ventilated by openings with mosquito nets.

The problem of the independent flue kitchen bar is not to be underestimated because finding an environment that is equipped, means spending a lot for the location, and if you do not, it could cost even more to install one, not to mention obtaining clearance of the condominium.

The next step is buying all the utensils of the bar and the equipment necessary for the preparation of cold and hot foods. Here, as for restaurants, you must opt for the professional catering equipment, stainless steel and equipped with the safety requirements of the law.

For each food category are provided for in regulations and tools and specific tool bar: eg prepare simple brioche hot simply an electric or gas oven or microwave, provided it is placed in an area not accessible to the public, and to prepare first courses is need professional pasta cooker and so on.

Monday, September 12th 2016. | Kitchen
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