Top 10 Kids Bedroom Ideas in 2016

Furnish the rooms of children it involves choices that are beyond the uniformity of style that characterizes the other rooms of the house. Often the ideas of the most common kids bedroom are made of color (too) strong and naive decorations.

The decisions regarding furniture are up to the parents, since those who live in that room is too small to take them. But, generally around 10 years of customization to the room will not fail. In this perspective, it is good to leave the necessary space, especially to the walls, to an environment that, more than all the others, will see a continuous transformation.

Just something daring with color: paint the walls can give very satisfying results, perhaps choosing to realize geometries or groups rather than an entire wall. Better to aim for the palette of soft colors rather than acid tones. If you are betting lively research on fluorescent colors on narrow sections. Even the furniture is better to choose the white or natural materials such as wood: bring colored notes will be games and accessories.

Among the ideas for the nursery that can give an original touch is the choice of using design objects. Many pieces made today have a fun and ironic aspect that seems designed specifically for toddlers. In general decide to use the iconic pieces, no time, it will be a way to get a stake in an environment which, as said, is intended to change over time. It also will be a gentle way to educate children to beauty.

Monday, October 17th 2016. | Bedroom