Vintage Style of 60s in The Interior

In place not easy 50-th years of the 20th century, came bright, filled with faith and hope in a better future 60. This is a period of discovery, active space exploration, the hippie movement and travel. All this is certainly one way or another is reflected in the interior design.

Bright colors

The deliberate combination of bright and often combined with each other in the same shades of the interior. The interior of the 60-ies of the most popular colors – orange, green, light green, yellow, blue.


Artificial materials

During this period in any fashion is not expensive, artificial materials such as plastic furniture, laminate as flooring, plywood facades, metal legs and profiles, glass or mirrored table tops.

Geometrical figures

More often than not desktop 60-ies, in addition to bright colors, and had more geometric. Cells, intersecting lines, squares, circles can be used not just on walls, but textile decoration and upholstery, a variety of posters in a simple framework.

vintage-style-of-60s-in-the-interior typical-style-of-the-70s-in-the-interior

Folding furniture

In the living room folding tables began to appear, sofas, chairs with rounded shapes and minimal decor.

A place to read

In the 60s all without exception they are interested in reading, and this is reflected in the interior. Mandatory attribute steel wooden shelves on the walls. They kept not only books, but also a variety of souvenirs from travels, and family photos. An important element of steel various fixtures and lamps simple, rounded form, without decoration.

Space theme

All that in one way or another connected with the Cosmos-materials, forms, images, was particularly popular. In this regard, in the Interior of the 60-ies, you can use various pieces of furniture “non-standard” forms, such as hanging chairs.

typical-style-of-the-60s-in-the-interior typical-style-of-the-60s-in-living-room-interior classic-modern-typical-style-of-the-60s-in-the-interior

Hippie movement

Free, greedy for adventure and new experiences young people, trying to change the world, could affect many areas of life, including in the interior design. The youth, who often traveled, brought home embroidered with sequins and stones transparent fabrics, unusual wooden figures, items of clothing and even furniture. All this is very harmoniously fit elated atmosphere in the 60s. These detail the interior of that time became even more vivid and saturated color. Therefore, to recreate this style today, so often used ethnic motifs – in textiles, decor.

It is often confused with a retro style vintage. But it is worth to remember one important difference – retro style involves a deliberate evocation of history, made of modern materials. It is therefore necessary reasonable approach in the use of authentic objects when creating an interior in the style of the 60s, and beyond. It is best to find modern analogues suitable for describing and dilute it a part of decorative items, a native of the desired period. Then turn the individual interpretation of the style.

But very soon he was replaced by colorful and rich style of the 70s.

Thursday, November 3rd 2016. | Interior