8 Simple Ways To Organize Small Things At Home

Trifles can both diversify our lives, and become a real stumbling block on the path to harmony. They should be very careful and attentive, only taking the situation under control, we can breathe freely. But how to do it the least expensive and most efficient? Here are a few simple tips, it is convenient and easy to store different small things without disturbing the order at home.

In order to keep the household stuff is not only convenient, but also beautiful, not necessarily to buy any special storage. You can assemble these systems with their own hands picking up containers, boxes or cans of suitable size.

White on black

Today, quite popular to use as a background black, and it is the coating on which you can write with chalk and beyond. This coating is called slate and chalk boards. The inscriptions on them make it easy to chalk. It can be used not only to create a pretty label and reminded approx. In order that all members of the household know exactly on which shelf that is, you can simply make a sign, but if well draw – draw the outline of the object itself. Especially good use of blackboards in the kitchen interior. They look great paired with open shelves in the kitchen.

Divide and rule

The situation is familiar to all bedside tables – first there is perfect order, only a desk lamp and a favorite book for the night. And eventually there are going to a variety of subjects, and that sort of place here, but they are clearly unnecessary. There is one simple solution to this problem – to share the top drawer cabinets into compartments of different sizes. Because of this, it will be a place around – and rubber bands for hair and hand cream, and the TV remote control.

Delicate point

The linen closet is constantly mess. Just everything goes, you have gathered, look, now mixed with sheets pillowcases. Only the most persistent hostess can contain it all in order. All others are advised the following. It is best to allocate linen closet with as free access – without doors, with high sides, so that nothing falls out. With the large gaps between the retractable shelves that can be freely all add up. If this description fits your linen closet – excellent. A not – so it can be adapted for any other.


The most necessary things are lost at the right time. This is especially true bathroom. But if you know the approximate list of these “lost” because the encounter with this situation quite regularly, just collect them together and thus solve the problem. Since the summer set – sunscreen, flip flops, goggles for swimming, loofah gather in one plastic bag. It is desirable that it also can be buttoned. You can also deal with other “sets the essentials.” And all the collected bags can be combined into a large basin or infant tub. All the same, they stand there doing nothing.

Urgent photo

For all those who have children, question scattered toys most relevant. How exactly does all this lead to an order and a single system. Here is one possible – on the containers for toys glue pictures from the image content. This will help the child even without problems to sort their wealth. Photography can do anything and even print on your home printer.

All size

Everybody knows what are often, in what sequence, and it is not always a logical connection. So, for someone it is vital that stood next to the cosmetics aromatic candles, and were always on hand among the candlesticks forks and spoons. Therefore, the standard organizers may be powerless here. In this case, it is necessary to make their own organizer of the smaller container sizes required. To save time while shopping in the store, immediately acquires the desired containers.

It’s all in numbers

This option is suitable for those who think logically. It’s simple, collect things that rarely use, divide into groups, spread out in numbered containers. A list in which room, that is, hang on a computer or other prominent place.

Documents on wheels

If you often take work home, then you know the problem – where to spread papers and documents so that they do not interfere with anyone. An excellent option – put them on the small bedside table on wheels. This will save space and be more mobile, because in order to move from the kitchen to the living room, it will take only a couple of minutes.

Similar councils exist in abundance. And all because each of them will choose only what suits his lifestyle. The main thing that such details could not upset the harmony and order, not only at home but also in a family atmosphere.

Thursday, November 17th 2016. | Home Decor
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